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New Phone System Helps Engineering Company Go That Extra Mile

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9th December 2018
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9th December 2018

The Problem

Sentridge Control has been providing automation and control solutions to businesses across the Midlands for over 30 years.

Founded in Coventry in 1986 to serve a booming local manufacturing market, Sentridge now has a regional office in Stoke-on-Trent. The business’ motto is Serious About Service, and communicating with customers and team members is a crucial part of delivering to the high standards the company expects.

Sentridge has been working with HBT Communications for over 20 years and has a strong relationship.

When Sentridge was looking to review its current system, their Account Manager suggested they look at a hosted model due to the enhanced features and the cost savings to the business.

In Summary

Transferring to the new Nuage system enables the business to go the extra mile for customers, for example the speed at which they can identify, and answer calls and the added benefit of non-location telephony means that calls can be answered from any location.

The new platform also provides a mobile application, so callers can be directed to the correct person first time wherever that person is located. All calls are recorded so orders that are verbally placed can be accurately relayed using the call recording service that is included.

Read more about Nuage or download the Nuage Brochure.

The Solution

The initial steps were to carry out a cost comparison of what Sentridge were paying currently and how much HBT’s Nuage hosted solution would compare. The numbers pretty much spoke for themselves, plus the added benefit of accessing the latest technology.

Previously the business was paying £5k per year just for their lines and calls, and that didn’t include the initial operational costs for their telephone system.

“Moving over to VOIP means there is a fixed cost per month, it’s easy – every month we know exactly how much is going out and can plan this cost across the year without any variability,” explains Brian Dick

Brian adds, “The decision for us to upgrade to a hosted solution was an easy one to make. The cost savings alone make a significant difference. In addition, we will be future-proofing our business by always having access to the latest technologies. HBT made the upgrade easy, with minimal downtime and no additional charges.”


HBT is more than a supplier they are a trusted advisor.

Brian Dick, Managing Director