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Business Connectivity


In today’s digital world, access to the internet has become an absolute necessity for businesses of all sizes. The internet serves as the backbone of modern operations, enabling a wide range of business crucial activities that drive productivity, communication, and growth, so good business connectivity is a must.

Business Internet

At HBT Communications we have been supplying business internet to our customers for over 20 years. We work alongside our customers to understand their needs and requirements, we can then recommend the best option for your business. HBT Communications offer a wide range of options from business broadband to dedicated leased lines.

Our solutions include –

Leased Line

A leased line is a dedicated, private communication circuit that provides a direct and exclusive connection between two locations. It offers high-speed, symmetrical bandwidth with guaranteed performance and reliability. Leased lines are typically used for mission-critical applications that require constant and consistent connectivity, such as data centres, large corporations, and institutions.

FTTP Business Broadband

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is a type of business broadband connection that uses fibre optic cables to deliver high-speed internet directly to your premises. With FTTP, the entire connection from internet service provider’s network to premises is made fibre optic cables, enabling faster speeds and greater bandwidth capacity. FTTP offers symmetrical speeds, meaning the upload and download speeds are the same, making it ideal for businesses with high data transfer requirements and those that rely on cloud-based services, video conferencing and large file transfers.

SOGEA Broadband

SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is a business connectivity solution that provides a broadband internet connection without requiring a traditional phone line. It uses the existing Openreach infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet access directly to the premises. It offers faster speeds and is suitable for businesses that do not require a landline phone service.


Multi-Protocol Label Switching also known as MPLS is a game-changing if you’re a business owner in England and can transform your network infrastructure. MPLS is a routing technique used in wide area networks (WANs) to efficiently direct and prioritise network traffic. MPLS offers high performance, reliability, and quality of service guarantees, making it suitable for business that need to prioritise certain types of traffic, such as voice or video conferencing.

The right choice of connectivity will depend on the specific requirements of your business, but you can trust HBT Communications to guide you in making the right choice.

Working with HBT Communications to upgrade your business connectivity, you can unlock a range of benefits and enhance your operations. Here are some advantages you can expect:

  1. Increase Productivity: Upgrading your business connectivity with HBT Communications enables faster and more reliable internet access. This translates into improved productivity as employees can efficiently access cloud-based applications, collaborate seamlessly, and share large files without interruptions or delays. With a high-performing connection, your team can work more efficiently and accomplish tasks in less time.
  2. Enhance Communications: A robust connectivity solution from HBT Communication ensures smooth communication within your organisation. Reliable connectivity facilitates real-time communication and collaboration, leading to better teamwork, faster decision-making, and improved customer interaction.
  3. Embrace Cloud Technologies: Upgrading your business connectivity opens the doors to fully leverage cloud-based technologies. Cloud platforms and services provide scalability, flexibility, accessibility to essential business applications, data storage, and software.
  4. Support Remote Workforce: In today’s evolving work landscape, remote work has become more commonplace. With upgraded connectivity, your business can easily support remote employees, allowing them to access company resources, collaborate with colleagues, and stay connected to the organisation’s systems.
  5. Improve Customer Experience: A reliable and fast business connectivity solution enables you to provide a better customer experience. Whether its through faster response times, smooth online transactions, or efficient customer support, a strong and consistent internet connection ensures that you can meet customer expectations and deliver exceptional service.
  6. Future-Proof your Business: Technology continues to advance rapidly, and upgrading your business connectivity with HBT Communications helps future proof your operations. HBT Communications stays at the forefront of emerging technologies and can provide guidance on the most suitable solutions for your business.

By partnering with HBT Communications to upgrade your business connectivity, you can optimise your operations, improve collaboration, enhance customer experiences, and position your business for future success in a digitally driven world.

Contact HBT Communications today to discuss how we can empower your business with advanced connectivity solutions tailored to your specific needs via email at or on 02476 867422.