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Cloud Security


Cloud security is the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures involved in cloud computing. High-level security concerns like unauthorised data exposure and leaks, weak access controls, susceptibility to attacks, and availability disruptions—affect traditional IT and cloud systems alike.

Our Cloud Security has the following benefits:

Built-in security

  • Service-level security through defence-in-depth
  • Customer controls within the service
  • Security hardening and operational best practices

Privacy by design

  • Your data is not used for advertising
  • You have extensive privacy controls
  • You can take your data with you when you want

Continuous compliance

  • Proactive processes to meet evolving compliance needs
  • Customer controls for organisational compliance
  • Independently verified to meet evolving standards

Transparent operations

  • You know where your data resides and who has access
  • Visibility into availability and changes to the service
  • Guarantee of 99.9% uptime.