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Transform your business with Swyx


  • Unified communication with integrated voice, email, video, voicemail and fax
  • Innovative software can be installed across any device
  • Mobility enabling your workforce to work from anywhere
  • Integrate with your MIS software
  • Futureproof with no expensive upgrades whilst always working with the latest technology

By partnering with Swyx, a leading provider of Unified Communication solutions, HBT is able to design a telephone system which provides you with all the features of a traditional telephone exchange, but with a host of extra benefits to improve how your business operates, which includes:

  • Seamless integration with mobile phones, so you and your workforce can work remotely
  • Sophisticated team monitoring, so straight away you can see who is logged on and/or available, saving you time by avoiding unsuccessful communication attempts
  • Intelligent call forwarding and menu systems so customers can be directed to the right person first time for improved customer services

Swyx telephony solutions provide the most advanced software-based IP telephone systems on the market. Using your existing IP (internet protocol) network and Microsoft® Server, Swyx offers you all the functionality of a traditional telephony system with so much more.


Work from anywhere!

With Swyx, you will also be able to work remotely from almost anywhere, accessing all your communications through your inbox – with access to free peer-to-peer calls and free conference calls.

Applications such as and SywxWare and SywxIT are rich in features, easy to use and improve employee productivity. What’s more, a Swyx solution is software-based so it will move and grow with your business no matter how many people you may employ.

So whatever your business, and whatever your stage of development, HBT Communications can provide an IP telephony solution from Swyx that can meet all your requirements.

HBT has been a leading partner with Swyx for many years and has numerous clients across Coventry, Birmingham and the Midlands using this solution.