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Freedom to access your desktop and all its applications anywhere


  • Access your desktop from any location

  • Flexibility for your employees

  • Maximise productivity


Hosted desktops simply move your PC into the cloud. Instead of needing a PC that’s preloaded with the relevant applications and programs, you can use a thin client, laptop, smartphone, tablet or indeed a PC to access everything you need from the cloud, from any location with connectivity to the internet

With the rise in flexible working from anywhere, hosted desktop gives your organisation added flexibility.



  • For employees the ability to work effectively away from the office. This can be during events, in customer meetings, offsite, from home, and anywhere else with an internet connection, access to their full desktop is readily available. This provides employees with a great deal of freedom enabling them to work in the way they find most effective.


  • For IT managers, hosted desktops are much easier to manage than multiple PCs that all need their own applications, software upgrades and licensing. With hosted desktops you will have access to a central dashboard from which user permissions can be set and admin tasks carried out. Alternatively, if you do not have your own IT resource, we can happily manage the administration of your hosted desktop environment on your behalf.


  • For the company, it means you can ensure maximum productivity from staff that don’t work in the office and know they can access everything they need in a secure way to complete their task. You also benefit from reduced capital expenditure as there’s no requirement for expensive onsite servers anymore; instead you’ll be using our secure cloud servers in the data centre.