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Upgrade Your Business Connectivity with SOGEA from
HBT Communications

Tired of dealing with multiple service providers for your business’s internet and phone needs? Look no further! Say hello to SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access), which is essentially FTTC without a PSTN line.

What is SOGEA and how does it work?

SOGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, is an innovative connectivity solution provided by HBT Communications. It allows businesses to access high-speed broadband without the need for a traditional phone line. With SOGEA, both voice and data services are delivered through a single connection, eliminating the requirement for a separate phone line.

Benefits of SOGEA for businesses

  • Simplified infrastructure: By removing the need for a separate phone line, SOGEA simplifies your connectivity setup, saving time and resources during installation and management.
  • Cost-effective solution: SOGEA helps businesses reduce line rental costs associated with traditional phone lines. By consolidating voice and data services into one connection, you can optimise communication expenses.
  • Faster broadband speeds: With SOGEA, businesses can enjoy high-speed broadband up to 80 MBS, enabling efficient operations, faster downloads, smoother video conferencing, and seamless use of cloud-based applications.

How to switch to SOGEA

Implementing SOGEA for your business involves the following steps:

Consultation and assessment: Contact HBT Communications to discuss your business requirements and assess the suitability of SOGEA for your connectivity needs. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and design a customised SOGEA solution.

Network design and planning: Once the feasibility is determined, our team will design a network architecture that incorporates SOGEA and aligns with your business goals. We’ll consider factors such as coverage, bandwidth requirements, and scalability to ensure optimal performance.

Implementation and configuration: With the network design finalised, our skilled technicians will proceed with the implementation of SOGEA across your business network. This involves setting up the necessary equipment, establishing the broadband connection, and configuring the network to ensure seamless integration.

Testing and optimisation: After the implementation phase, thorough testing will be conducted to ensure that the SOGEA solution is functioning optimally. Our team will perform rigorous tests, fine-tune configurations, and address any performance issues to ensure smooth and reliable data transmission.

Ongoing support and management: HBT Communications is committed to providing ongoing support and management for your SOGEA network. Our dedicated team will monitor the performance of your network, proactively address any issues that may arise, and make necessary adjustments to maintain a reliable and efficient connectivity solution for your business.

Cost considerations for SOGEA

There might be an initial setup cost associated with switching to SOGEA, covering installation and configuration.
SOGEA operates on a monthly subscription model. You’ll pay a recurring fee for the broadband service, which may vary based on the speed and data package you choose.

Cost savings of SOGEA

Although there are costs involved in switching to SOGEA, businesses often experience long-term savings by eliminating the need for separate phone lines and reducing line rental expenses. These savings contribute to your overall cost management.

Upgrade your business connectivity with SOGEA from HBT Communications today and benefit from simplified infrastructure, faster speeds, and optimised costs. Contact our team now to explore the possibilities of seamless connectivity made simple.

Upgrade your Business Connectivity with HBT Communications

Upgrade your business connectivity with SOGEA from HBT Communications today and benefit from simplified infrastructure, faster speeds, and optimised costs. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in exploring the possibilities of seamless connectivity made simple.
Contact us now at or give us a call at 02476 867422 to discuss your business’s connectivity requirements and take the first step towards enhancing your communication infrastructure.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your connectivity, boost productivity, and reduce costs. Reach out to HBT Communications today and experience the power of SOGEA for your business.