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Back Up or Pack Up – Your Choice
15th February 2019
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8th March 2019

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Upgrading your Internet Connection

Fiber Connectivity

Fiber Connectivity

It’s time to upgrade! Your business has had enough of the frustrations of operating with a slow internet connection. You’ve wasted enough time waiting for emails to send and receive or downloads to complete.

You’ve made the decision to upgrade your business internet connection, but where do you start?

We’ve put together what we feel are the 5 most important questions for you to ask potential suppliers:

1. Costs: What costs are included in the quote? You need to fully understand all the costs involved; from installation to ongoing charges. What is included and what will be charged as extras? A reputable supplier will consult with you on your exact requirements and then design a solution to suit your business needs, with complete transparency on all costs.

2. Contract: How long will you be in contract for? Most connectivity contracts last for 3 years, but some companies may tie you in for 5. Think about your business and what is best for you. A longer contract will give you more security but weigh that up against the risk of committing yourself. Check whether the price you are quoted for month 1 will remain constant throughout the whole term.

3. Implementation: How will the upgrade be managed? Will there be downtime? You need to be aware of the extent of any disruption so you can inform your customers and suppliers.

4. Support: What Service Level Agreements (SLA) will be in place? Will your business be supported during your normal operating hours? Will you always be able to talk to someone to get help or troubleshoot issues? If you do encounter any problems, the last thing you need is to be rerouted around a menu system or directed to someone who can’t help you. You need to have access to an expert at the end of the phone who can help and fix any issues you have.

4. Going live: Will your business be supported throughout the switch over to the new connection? Will you have support to ensure all devices and equipment are set-up to work on the new connection. We recommend carrying out a complete site audit as part of the pre-installation process to ensure nothing is missed and a smooth switch-over can be planned.

HBT Communications has supported many businesses through an internet upgrade. Our customers are at the heart of our thinking, which means we take the time to fully understand your requirements. We look at the bigger picture to make sure that upgrades run as smoothly as possible from the day you sign with us to the day the switch over takes place through the term of your contract.


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