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Web and Email Security


Our layered approach to security and our partnerships with best of breed brands ensures total security for your business.

The threats are constantly evolving, and the most malicious attacks are via web browsing and email – both the internet and email are vital to all businesses and they would not be able to function without access. Our security tools provide a layered approach and are constantly evolving and updating to ensure they can protect you against the latest threats.


86% of all email traffic is Spam. The number one vector for virus delivery to the desktop is email.


Web blocker URL filtering

In addition to automatically blocking known malicious sites, Web blocker’s granular content and URL filtering tools enable the blocking of inappropriate content, conserve network bandwidth and increase employee productivity.


Reputation Enabled Défense Service (red)

A powerful, cloud-based reputation lookup service that protects web users from malicious sites and botnets, while dramatically improving web-processing overhead.


Application control

Selectively allow, block, or restrict access to applications based on a user’s department, job function, and time of day and then see, in real time, what’s being accessed on your network and by whom.

Our email protection solution provides continuously- updated spam and threat protection to effectively shield you 24/7. Even if you have a primary layer of security, as with Office 365, our service provides an additional layer of defense— inexpensive insurance to prevent spam, virus, and ransomware attacks through phishing and impersonation emails.


Aggressive Spam and Malware Protection

Our service constantly updates our filtering engines using statistical and heuristic inputs from SMTP behavior, reputation checks, content checks, quarantine management, and more. Our spam filtering scans and analyzes all email, links, and attachments, and uses the outputs of those scans to update our spam database.


Always-on Continuity

Additionally, our solution provides always-on email continuity via our cloud-based portal to prevent any business and email disruption. Even if your primary email service fails, your users will be able to access, receive, and send email from any device.


Seamless Integration

Our email protection service seamlessly integrates with both Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or virtually any other email service, providing an extra layer of protection to your email.


Email Archiving

Beyond email security, we also provide an integrated email archive. All incoming, outgoing and internal emails are “vaulted” for as long as you need, providing tamper- proof protection of your communications and intellectual property in the event of legal disputes or to meet regulatory requirements.