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Synergy Vets Implements Flexible Telephony – Enabling Employees To Work On The Go

West Midlands Golf Club
State of the Art Technology for Midlands Golf Club
11th June 2020
Vets Case Study

The Problem

Synergy Vets had an on-premise Panasonic telephone system that had been in place for over five years. Panasonic’s recent news about withdrawing from the telecoms marketplace meant Synergy Vets required a new solution that would provide them with a platform that they would not need to keep changing due to age. Furthermore, the pandemic had changed the way they worked across the business and needed a system that would help them to work effectively in this new era of flexibility.

In Summary

HBT were able to deliver a new system with advanced features for a similar cost to the existing solution. Furthermore the new telephone system has enabled the business to work more effectively even when they are away from the office.

The Solution

HBT Communications recommended Synergy migrate their telephony to the cloud with the NEC Univerge Blue. This has provided them with a fully cloud-based platform with redundancy and providing all the essential telephony features such as Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Video Calling, Voice Mail To Email, Call Recording and Home & Remote Working.

The Desktop Applications enables users to call from their screen whilst having visibility of user status i.e., Busy, Away, Available etc.

Since Covid consultants now work from home on certain days. The Mobile Application has enabled them to receive calls from the office when out and about seamlessly on their office extension. Furthermore, all calls can be made via the system and are therefore logged and can be recorded if required.

Synergy was very happy with the switchover to the new system. Lacey Dorliac “The install was very easy; the engineer was able to transfer us all and we had no downtime whatsoever.”

Financially, the cost monthly was similar to our existing costs, but we were getting a brand-new system with more advanced features which suited our business and employee needs.”


"With all of us working from home one day during the week means that we are still part of the system. Calls can be transferred and received seamlessly as if we are in the office. We also have visibility of everyone with the added benefit of being home”.

Synergy Vets is a dedicated Veterinary Recruitment Agency, with almost 30 years of collective experience supporting the Veterinary profession with locum and permanent personnel.