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Threat Lansdcape
The 2020 Threat Landscape: How Prepared Are You?
3rd August 2020
Cutting costs
As homeworking is set to stay, business-grade connections for remote staff could be the answer to cutting costs and excelling in the ‘new normal’
4th September 2020



We are currently navigating through what everyone is calling the “New Normal” be this at home, leisure and work.


One thing Covid has done has accelerated the process of people working from home.


“This has taken maybe five or ten years of change and crunched it down into just a couple of short months”. Jonathan Dingle, Associate Professor of Economics – Chicago Booth School of Business.


With all this change there are bound to be some long terms changes and impact. Many employees have experienced working from home and have realised the benefits.


Latest figures suggests that at least 32% of employees are expecting to at least partially work from home


What are the key considerations when working from home?


1. Dedicated office space

“Post Covid-19, you can imagine many companies shrinking down their real estate and employees can just work from home. It will be an interesting proposition to see how employers can cater to different crowds,” said Adrian Tan, of workplace IT firm PeopleStrong.

In the coming months and year, this will no doubt start to take shape, and we will start to see what this really looks like from an organisational standpoint.

When working from home most people end up taking less breaks and working more hours than they imagined. A dedicated workspace is important to enable you to split between home life and work life.

When you walk into the office space you should be able to focus on the tasks at hand, it should be streamlined and decluttered.


2. Equipment

During the transition to remote working in March 2020, about 25% of executives and small-business owners purchased new digital tools to help employees working from home. A large majority expect that tool usage to be permanent after COVID-19.

How responsible should employers be for supplying staff with consumables such as PC’s, laptops, mobiles and printers? A further consideration is connectivity and security, by supplying employees with these elements’ employers have greater control of the reliability and security preventing loss in downtime and productivity.

Furthermore, in the long term these costs could be significantly lower than office costs i.e. rent, water, heating, council tax etc.



The key question is whether the home network is as secure as the office. Offices tend to have a well-defined strategy towards their IT and will have multiple protections such as anti-virus, firewalls, desktop back up and multi-factor authentication to name a few.

In the home, this may not always be the case and it is something many organisations should consider. Even though an employee is working from home they are still working and have access to business information, if this was to fall into the wrong hands could be detrimental.

Or if they were to click a phishing email could bring the whole company network to a standstill.

137 coronavirus-related phishing emails were identified in January, 1,188 in February and over 9,000 in March. That equates to a 667 percent increase since the end of February.*


4.Reliable Connection

A reliable connection is the fourth utility in today’s era with so many of us reliant on digital tools and a necessity when working from home.

The need for interaction and collaboration which we many take for granted when in the office, now needs to be facilitated by digital tools such as Microsoft Teams/Zoom and these require a secure and reliable connection.

To have a second dedicated connection means you will not be impacted by video streaming on Netflix and have a secure and reliable connection.

At home, the attack footprint is much larger due to IoT devices – such as lightbulbs, thermostats, and doorbells – connecting to the internet. The software for these devices is not regularly updated, leaving the network more open to compromise.


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