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The Retail Industry is a very competitive market, and meeting customer demands whilst streamlining internal processes and minimising expense, is paramount. It is therefore essential to have an effective IT communications and telephony solution in place.

HBT Communications can help your business by providing a powerful communications solution that can improve your responsiveness to customers, provide greater efficiency and reduce your communications costs.


  • Inter-outlet connectivity
    A single inbound number that can be connected to all the other outlets in the chain, this reduces call charges between sites and provides improved communication between both staff and customers.

Branch connectivity
Branches can be hosted from a single centralised application, or alternatively linked together with smaller branch systems that can act independently of each other, offering maximum flexibility for local branch customization or centralised co-ordination.

Create call centres for specialist departments
This could include customer services, finance, stock and accounts or even specific brands.

Access your suppliers more quickly and effectively
Optimise your existing infrastructure by integrating all applications (CRM, phone system, billing, sales support, email, etc) so that you can make calls by simply clicking on screen or on incoming calls the appropriate contact window of the caller pops up and the contact information can be viewed.

Easy installation and administration
The system can be handled internally without the need for expensive support contracts.

A single system for all your communications
Users can manage all voice, fax and email messages via their PC.

When head office require a meeting all the managers can simply go on a conference call thus saving time and money travelling to the head office.

Make moves and changes easy
Moving staff around different outlets can be easy by giving users their own personal telephone environment wherever they log on – This allows them to be ‘available’ whatever their location.

Add more shops and outlets
A scalable system that grows with your business. Simply buy new licences to add users without the worry of server based hardware restrictions.

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