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medical iconThe modern healthcare sector is in a demand driven marketplace and it is therefore essential to have an effective IT communications and telephony solution in place. This is encouraging many organisations to invest in their communications infrastructures to improve productivity and efficiency and reduce ongoing costs.

This solution enables you more time to to meet the ever-growing demands for access to online patient information and industry resources, as well as working with tighter healthcare budgets

There are a number of key benefits that healthcare organisations would achieve as a result of using a HBT Communications IP telephony solution.


  • Improved Staffing Access
    Improve staff availability with intelligent call routing; redirecting calls simply and quickly so calls never go unanswered.
  • Department Specific Contact Centres
    HBT Communications could implement a solution providing both inbound and outbound contact centres; thus giving members of the public easier access to specific specialist departments.
  • Mobility
    Mobilise and connect your staff by giving users their own personal telephone environment wherever they log on – allows/enables hot desking and wireless telephony connections.
  • Patient Information at your fingertips
    Optimise your existing infrastructure by integrating all applications e.g. patient record systems, so that on incoming calls the appropriate contact window of the caller pops up and the contact information can be viewed instantly.
  • Improved Accountability
    Help meet the targets set in the Gershon Report – Save costs and time with an existing administrator maintaining and updating the system without the need for expensive service contracts.
  • New Patients
    Quickly and easily add and remove new patients and patient records from the system and offer customised accounting for additional service billing.
  • Connect all health centres to a single network
    Multi-Site Health Centres can reduce call charges between sites and mobile workers.
  • A single system for all your requirements
    Staff can manage all voice; fax and email messages via their desktop

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