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EngineeringThe modern manufacturing sector is in a demand driven marketplace, with heavy reliance on IT for specialist CAD and similar engineering systems, and it is therefore essential to have an effective IT communications and telephony solution in place. This is encouraging many organisations to invest in their communications infrastructures to improve productivity and efficiency, by the ease to liaise with key staff, which helps reduce ongoing costs.

This solution enables you more time to gain and retain custom, keep costs down and revenues up and help employees do their jobs more productively.

There are a number of key benefits that engineering organisations would achieve as a result of using a HBT IT Communications and IP telephony solution.


  • Optimise your existing infrastructure by integrating all applications (e.g. ERP, CRM, sales support and/or email systems) so that on incoming calls the appropriate contact window of the caller pops up and the contact information can be viewed instantly.
  • Reduce costs and support internal communication by managing basic processes like automatically routing internal calls using recipient’s name (including off site calls) and recording sick days, working hours etc.
  • Using pure IP telephony it is possible for all calls to be managed centrally at a particular site and then re-routed transparently to the correct department or other office location.
  • Mobilise and connect your workforce by giving users their own personal telephone environment wherever they log on – allows/enables hot desking and wireless telephony connections between warehouses and other remote or difficult to connect locations.
  • Scalable system that will grow with Your business – simply buy new licences to add users without the worry of server based hardware restrictions.
    Changes, updates and adjustments to the system can be handled internally without the need for expensive engineers.
  • Reduce call charges between sites and mobile workers.
    DECT wireless and basic IP phones for use around the manufacturing environment, to highly featured IP phones for the business support and client environments.

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