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The education sector is in a people driven marketplace and it is therefore essential to have an effective IT communications and telephony solution in place.With Government funding for education often insufficient and competition between institutions growing; today’s educators are encouraged to look closely at their IT communications infrastructure to assist them in their growth, as well as improved communication with local communities, pupils and pupils’ parents.This is encouraging many institutions to invest in their communications infrastructures to improve productivity and efficiency and reduce ongoing costs.HBT Communications can help you meet these growing demands by providing a powerful IT communications solution which will improve your responsiveness, enable greater efficiency and perhaps more importantly with ever decreasing budgets and resources, reduce your communication costs.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Teacher/Lecturer availability
    We can provide a true mobile office solution that improves Teacher/Lecturer availability, giving each their own personal telephone environment wherever they log on, enabling hot desking and remote working.
  • Intelligent call routing
    Calls can be redirected efficiently making it easier for people to make contact
  • Improved Call Visibility for Bursars and administrators
    You can instantly see who is busy on the phone and who is available.
  • Inter-site Connectivity
    Reduce call charges between sites and mobile workers and consolidate Telephone Lines
  • Cost Saving
    Save costs with inclusive calls and the end of leased line charges.
  • Call Detail Records
    The system produces easily accessible Call Detail Records (CDRs) so pupils and staff can be re-charged if necessary for private telephone use.
  • Conference Call Facilities
    With the Conference server remote/distance learning is possible without the need for 3rd party conference services providers.

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