Telephone Systems

At HBT, we devise communication strategies that helps improve the way businesses communicate with their customers. We unlock the potential of your existing communication infrastructure and look at ways of adding value to enhance your customer communication.

We’ll only recommend a communication solution that suits your business requirements and nothing more.

We deal with 2 different Telephone Systems:
1. Panasonic
2. Swyx

Panasonic has over 20 years experience in the business telephony industry. With such a wide choice of communication systems, including traditional telephony, CTI, Digital, IP, SIP and DECT, Panasonic offer solutions across many industries.

Panasonic leading phone systems come equip with business communication features, accessories, built-in advanced applications such as Communication Assistant to improve productivity and come in a range of wired or wireless telephone systems.

Every Panasonic telephone systems come with a variety of features and benefits. Therefore, depending on the type and size of the organisation, whether it’s for a single or multi-site, HBT Communications will only provide applications and solutions that address all the crucial business communication needs.

Swyx telephony solutions provide the most advanced software-based IP telephone systems on the market. Using your existing IP (internet protocol) network and Microsoft® Server, Swyx offers you all the functionality of a traditional telephony system with so much more.

With Swyx, you will also be able to work remotely from almost anywhere, accessing all your communications through your inbox – with access to free peer-to-peer calls and free conference calls.

Applications such as and SywxWare and SywxIT are rich in features, easy to use and improve employee productivity. What’s more, a Swyx solution is software-based so it will move and grow with your business no matter how many people you may employ.

So whatever your business, and whatever your stage of development, HBT Communications can provide an IP telephony solution from Swyx that can meet all your requirements.

To Find out how our Telephone Systems would benefit your business, call us on 02476 867421 or visit our contact page and fill in our simple form and we’ll be in touch.