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Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure is the perfect solution for running your own server without the hassle or huge outlay that comes with a standard server onsite. There is no capital expenditure needed as running costs simply come out of your monthly operating expenditure.

Microsoft Azure replicates all the functionality of a local server, but with many more advantages to help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Cost Effective

You only pay for what you use through a monthly subscription. If your business only needs server access from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm that’s all you pay for.

Secure and Reliable

With Microsoft Azure platform your data is safe and secure. It is replicated and backed up in a secure environment, reducing the risk of downtime if things go wrong.

Remote Access

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based solution, which means you get access to your server wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Reduced Maintenance

Using a cloud-based server reduces the need for on-site server maintenance and upgrades as Microsoft takes care of all that for you as part of your monthly fee.

HBT offers a free consultation to analyse your current network solution and offer advice on how Microsoft Azure can improve your business processes and efficiency.


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