Anti-virus and Firewalls

Providing the ultimate in protection for your business

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HBT Communications work with leading providers to ensure we provide the ultimate protection for your business.

Our comprehensive security solution provides a “steel wall between the internet and your network”, monitoring everything coming in. Manage all devices under one console, backup and track configuration changes and constantly updating to guard against new viruses.


Used for blocking unwanted traffic, whether protection from emails with very large file sizes or executable files which autorun, HBT use firewalls as the first line of defence.


HBT’s anti-virus solutions help protect your network from viruses and worms, ensuring the very best service for our customers

Anti virus statistic

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Key features:

  • Enterprise Class Solution
  • Encompassing more than just anti-virus, this solution supports full endpoint security
  • Most Advanced Proactive Technology
  • Comprised of intrusion prevention, proactive detection and behavioural analysis
  • Software Firewall
  • Allows laptops outside of the network to be fully protected
  • Comprehensive Reporting Provides Transparency
  • A wide range of detailed reports are provided monthly to ensure you have visibility of what is happening and that you are being constantly protected


Our security experts are here to help and advise, please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our Anti-virus and Firewall service.