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From the past to the future: how to make the move from ISDN to SIP
5th February 2019
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6th February 2019

Primary Care Networks – is your practice in good health?

Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitorIn 2018, the UK celebrated 70 years of our wonderful NHS; a health service envied around the world, but one that is struggling to cope with modern day demands.

In June 2018, the Government announced a massive boost to funding, and the implementation of a 5-year plan, which will include the roll out of primary care networks.  The concept of creating these primary care networks follows a number of successful trials where GP practices started working together alongside other healthcare services in their local area to create a pool of resources.

In a recent article in Management in Practice RCGP chair Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard said: ‘We know that working in larger groupings can be beneficial in terms of increased peer support, building resilience in the system and working more collaboratively – and PCNs build on models that have been shown to be successful.

‘However, it is vital that this is done in a way that minimises disruption for hard pressed GPs and their practices and enables progress to be made in a way that protects the ability of GPs to deliver care in the way that best meets the needs of their local communities. It is also vital that continuity of patient care is prioritised.’

Primary care networks will be made up of between 30,000 and 50,000 patients and you are no doubt starting to see changes within your own practice.

Have you got the tools to handle the biggest shake-up in community healthcare since 1948?

Will your phone system be able to cope when you have to take on extra call handling?

Will your phone system be flexible enough to add or remove lines according to demand?

By joining a primary care network, you will have access to the extra funding. However, in a recent announcement, NHS England has said from July, any extra money you currently receive for extended hours services could be diverted to the control of the primary care network.

It is a time of uncertainty both operationally and financially, but you can be prepared and put a phone system in place to cope with change and also reduce outgoings with zero call charges.

Book a complimentary health-check for your phone system and one of our healthcare experts will guide you through the benefits of a new system and reassure you that a phone upgrade with reduce your headaches not cause you any!

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