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20th November 2019
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5 Reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10

With Windows 7 support due to cease in 2020 your business could be open to security risks.

Your business may not want to update to Windows 10 but when support ends it will be your best option unless you decide to move to a completely new operating system.

Top reasons to move:


  1. User friendly – if Windows 8 left a bad taste in your mouth, or just never really appealed, we think you’ll find the user-friendly feel of Windows 10 an easier transition from 7.


The research found that Windows 10 had reached 42.78 percent of worldwide internet usage compared to 41.86 percent for its predecessor. More than 600 million active devices now use the operating system. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claimed at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in November 2017.


  1. The start menu –the reintroduction of the start menu has been gratefully received by many. You now have the ability to do web searches from the start menu. Also, the new continuum feature allows the user to and from touch-screen mode, this further enhances the usability of the start menu and Windows 10 in general.


  1. Snap-to feature – this is a great feature for staff that need to see multiple screens at the same time, you can snap 4 windows to each corner of your desktop.



  1. Security – Windows 10 has increased security and sticking with Windows 7 would leave your system vulnerable to cyber-attacks and viruses. So now is the time to change.


  1. Greater control over updates – frequency and criticality of patches can be adjusted to suit your needs, This element of control resides alongside the existing Windows Server Update Software service which allows customers to determine which patches are installed.

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