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All it takes is one person without malice or intention to cause harm to make your business vulnerable to a Cyber-attack…Register for security review button

Increased interconnectivity in businessesof all sizes provides new avenues for unscrupulous Quote about securityemployees to take advantage of cyber-security weaknesses. Many cyber breaches are a result of human error – for example a fraud was committed by a finance assistant in one of their client’s shared service centres. The employee had accidentally been given wider access to the client’s supplier payment systems than they shouldn’t have and up to £300,000 worth of unauthorised transfers were made.

“95% of all security breaches involve some level of human error”

Incidents like this happen when the proper procedures for monitoring and managing user identities are not followed. Cyber criminals are now using social engineering techniques to exploit this weak link in security by tricking employees into handing over sensitive information. One method hackers use is pretending to be a supplier or client and e-mailing over what appears to be an invoice, but the attachment contains malware. These types of attacks are highly effective as all it takes is a single employee to click on a link and the entire system is compromised.

Vulnerabilities exposing you to threats Mandate M-Trends quote

  • Employees accessing social media sites
  • Inability to monitor sites and activity by staff
  • Human errors


And the Consequences

  • Data theft
  • Confidential information being accessed
  • Slower internet due to “dirty traffic”
  • Damaged reputation
  • Down-time and loss of productivity


Our comprehensive security solution provides a “steel wall between internet and network”, monitoring everything coming in. Manage all devices under one console, backup and track configuration changes and constantly updating to guard against new viruses.

HBT provides a full network security service which includes

  • Assessment
  • Set up security
  • Training

SMEs usually have different priorities such as maintaining a strong cash flow and ensuring the right mix of skills and expertise is retained within their small teams. These pressures all mean that cyber risk is often not seen as a critical business risk. But one thing that links SMEs to large organisations is they are equally at risk to cyber-attack – no one is immune

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