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All in one data backup and protection with Redstor

The new industry standard for backup and recovery.

Redstor enables organisations to backup and protect data from a wide-range of sources, ensuring data can be accessed and recovered in the event of loss, corruption, disaster or for compliance purposes.​

of schools utilise Redstor’s data backup and protection

UK data centres, guaranteeing sovereignty, supported by a UK based team

years experience and over 100m successful restores a year

Redstor is designed to enable organisations to deliver, manage and protect their data in the simplest, smartest, and safest way

Smart Recovery

On-demand recovery of any file, in an instant, whether for testing or DR purposes.

A smarter way of working

The broadest coverage of data protecting from a single application, including critical SaaS data.


Unique antiviral AI

AI-powered malware detection that detects and enables the deletion of malicious files from within backups.

Smarter set up

No need to wait for hardware to be delivered, Redstor can be set up in minutes, protecting data from day one.

What you will get

  • The broadest coverage of data backed up from a single application
Centralised data management from a single, intuitive, cloud-native app

Backup for data from day one, with no need to wait for hardware or complicated set-up


Automatic protection against risks with AI-driven malware detection


Rapid, on-demand streamed recoveries and enhanced data mobility


Simple, predictable pricing that scales up or down as your data changes

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Key questions. Answered

Cloud backup or online backup is the process of securely protecting data by taking a copy of that data and storing it in a cloud/online location. This is typically a data centre which is geographically separate to the site or location where live data is stored.

The Redstor service features 2 UK based data centres to protect data, ensuring data sovereignty and guaranteeing data is always available for recovery.

  • Billed monthly with no need for upfront investment or costly hardware
  • Flexibility as data volumes grow or shrink
  • Online set up and centralised management

Data is stored in Redstor’s UK data centres, which are in Reading and Slough, ensuring data sovereignty and data is encrypted with AES-256 Bit encryption, using an encryption key set by the user.

Redstor is accredited with ISO 9001, 27001 and 22301 for Quality Management, Information Security Management and Business Continuity.

Microsoft and Google respectively prioritise platform availability over data protection, and it is advised that an additional back up of this data is taken.

This also helps with additional retention, compliance with internal and external data protection regulation and can mitigate the risk of data loss or corruption due to malware or other cyber threats.

We have a license/user cost, but we don’t charge extra for shared mailboxes/drives. Additionally, if users become inactive and choose to back up their data, there is a reduced cost.

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