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What’s preventing you applying for the Government’s Connection Vouchers?

What’s preventing you applying for the Government’s Connection Vouchers

Connect to internet.The Government has allocated millions of pounds to the Connection Voucher scheme and Coventry and Birmingham City Councils have been allocated a significant share of the pot. The scheme issues grants of up to £3000 to help businesses like yours improve their internet connectivity.

Why are the Government doing this?

The Government has taken notice of the research and now understands the importance of faster internet speeds to improve business efficiency.

How does a faster internet connection help your business?

Faster connections speeds allows businesses to make full use of today’s advancing technologies; cloud computing, VOIP phone lines and faster download speeds. All of which contribute to a better working environment.

With a faster internet connection, you can combine your IT and telephone needs into one system and pay just one set monthly bill, with everything included. For many businesses this equates to a lower monthly spend on IT and telecoms and also allows you to budget and avoid unexpected telephone costs.

Is there a catch?

Absolutely not. The only criteria needed is that your business must be located within an eligible postcode and we can help you check that. There is no matched funding and HBT can complete the application form on your behalf, so you don’t even need to spend time doing that.

What’s the process?

HBT will carry out a site visit and give you a free, no-obligation quote on costs to upgrade your IT and telecoms systems. We can then explain how the grant funding is used and help you apply.

Our sales team are on-hand to answer any questions you have about Connection Vouchers, and you can contact them today by calling 02476 867 422.

Apply for your connection vouchers today!

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