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VoIP – Driving Efficiencies in Schools


70% of SBM’s believe funding is the single greatest challenge faced by schools in a recent survey conducted by Education Executive.

With the increasing pressure on schools to do more with less funding and fewer resources – a VoIP solution could be the ideal solution for your school.

How is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol cost effective :

  1. No More Call Costs – VoIP enables all calls to be made via the internet, meaning that there are no expensive call costs for landline and mobiles
  2. Fixed monthly costs – the solution implemented is on a monthly model, so the trust can budget effectively
  3. Implemented into a virtual environment – this negates the need for any hardware investment saving money and time.
  4. Concurrent licencing – enables licences to be shared across users and departments. Furthermore, users do not require a telephone extension and can still have voicemail, DDI and the ability to log onto any device to make calls.

A VoIP system has many other benefits such as call recording, mobile integration, voicemail to email. To discuss in more detail please get in touch.







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