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Time to join the 21st century?

You may not realise that you are not yet part of this century. You may remember the year 2000 bug and all the hype about phone and computer systems crashing as we moved into the millennium, and when nothing happened assumed you were up to date.  Move on 16 years to 2016 and are you still using those systems that saw you through the millennium?

It is unlikely that you still have the same PC or mobile phone, but what about your business phone?

You may have upgraded your handsets, be running a different phone system, but what about the technology that starts and stops at the walls of your business, the phone lines?

If your current telephone systems run on ADSL this is an old last century technology that is at best ‘vintage’.  Consider your mobile phone, you may not be desperate to have the latest version but, you would not want to be using last century technology; remember the bulky handset, the huge battery that lasted a couple of calls and the signal black holes.  Yet your business is running on a phone system that is the equivalent of that ancient mobile.

Like everything we can think of, telephone systems have evolved over the past few years.  They have become a complete communications offering; combining phone, computing and Internet as a single package.  These systems include regular updates and developments to harness the current technologies and to insure against the latest threats and issues.

You know communications are critical to your business, to link to customers and prospects, to work with suppliers and contractors.  So why gamble on out of date technologies with minimal support, when you can install a new ‘hosted’ system that has numerous advantages including:

  • Fixed monthly costs with no upfront capital outlay
  • More functionality and options than your current solution
  • Mobility for you and your workforce, enabling remote and mobile working
  • Configuration to how you do business
  • Scalable, as you grow and develop your systems keep pace

Keep your business that systems current by moving away from obsolete telephone and communications technology.

Contact HBT for your free review, where we can assess your current systems and demonstrate ADSL replacement options that offer enhanced functionality and security.

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