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10th November 2021
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24th November 2021

Time to Jingle – Updating Your On-Hold Messages for the Holiday Season

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The holidays are just around the corner! You’ve got the decorations out ready to go up, but did you remember to deck your calls?

If your business utilises an on-hold messaging service, this is a great time to update your communication for the festive season.

Not only does it keep your on-hold messaging up to date, it also gives you the opportunity to communicate important seasonal information about your company.


Key benefits of updating your on-hold messaging:

Inform callers of your revised hours of operation for the festive season.

With different approaches to the holiday period, for example some companies shutdown entirely for several days, while others lengthen their hours to meet customer demand. Keeping callers informed of your modified hours saves them time and allows them to plan ahead for any closures etc.


Thank your customers, partners and suppliers for their continued support.

Showing your callers you appreciate them goes a long way when it comes to customer retention. By thanking them for spending their hard-earned money with you, you’re fostering a positive customer service relationship.


Take the opportunity to reinforce sales and marketing messages.

It makes sense to utilise “hold” time to let you customers know of any new services you offer or latest news. You can also use this opportunity to educate your customers about products. This creates brand consistency and, more importantly, can increase sales and opportunities.


What is the best way to update your messaging?

So, what’s the best approach for holiday on-hold messages for business?

Depending on the type of business, you could be creative with your content. For example a Christmas movie trivia, Christmas jingle sung by your staff, or fun facts about festive traditions. This change can demonstrate a different side of your business to your customers showing off some of your personality.

It’s also important to consider different religious beliefs when composing your message. A simple “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” is nondenominational and will not cause any offence, enabling you to still spread a message of celebration.

However you choose to say it, spreading some festive spirit is a great way to keep your callers engaged, entertained and informed while on ho-ho-hold.

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