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Drive QOF Funding with Contact Assist
21st March 2019
End of Support for Windows 7 is Coming!
End of Support for Windows 7 is Coming!
7th June 2019

The 7 (+1) Deadly Business Sins of NOT Upgrading your Phone System

The 7 (+1) Deadly Business Sins of NOT Upgrading your Phone System

The 7 (+1) Deadly Business Sins of NOT Upgrading your Phone System

1. Putting up with escalating call costs – with more people using mobile for business and domestic calls your phone bill can be a bit of a guessing game at the end of the month. A hosted phone system provides you with inclusive UK calls to both landline and mobile. Switch to hosted for fixed monthly bills making it easier to budget.

2. Risking business downtime – If you have a problem at your business premise (flooding, fire etc), you rely on BT to divert your calls which can take time. Switch to hosted and your phone system will run smoothly wherever you are located.

3. Tolerating poor service support – it can be frustrating and time consuming to resolve telephone issues. Switch to hosted for better SLA

4. Restricting business growth – why rely on one phone number when you can have location dependent numbers (even international). A traditional phone system also makes is more of a challenge to upscale or downsize your business extensions. Switch to hosted and be a match for your competitors with a national presence from one office location. In addition, adding or removing lines can be done at the flick of a switch.

5. Not meeting staff expectations – the modern workforce expects more from employers and research (add link) has shown that flexible and home working are often more of a consideration than higher salaries. Switch to hosted and improve productivity by giving your team the freedom to work from anywhere as if they were in the office.

6. Delivering poor Customer Service – your customers are the lifeblood of your business and you want to ensure they are looked after to the highest standards, by you and anyone in your business. Monitoring phone calls is a good way to develop staff and improve your customer’s experience. Switch to hosted for easy call recording for training and monitoring purposes.

7. Creating extra work keeping your CRM up to date – Taking a phone call and then remembering to add notes to your CRM can be overlooked. A phone system that integrates with your CRM will save time and keep more accurate records. Switch to a hosted for powerful integrations with leading CRM and accounting software.

8. Ignoring the opportunity of £3000 from the DCMS. Get in touch to check your eligibility for funding to upgrade.

You are forgiven if you are committing any of these deadly sins, a phone system is something you take for granted, and it can be a case of “don’t fix what’s not broken”. However, a hosted phone system gives you access to many powerful tools to help you run your business more efficiently and with the on-going monthly savings the upgrade can be cost-neutral.

If this doesn’t give you enough reasons to pick up the phone and talk to us about upgrading, then maybe learning that the ISDN network will become obsolete in 2025 will.

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