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Swyxware Release 12.40 Available From 26 May 2021
25th May 2021
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Rogue Companies Purporting to be BT
23rd June 2021

Swyx and Microsoft Teams

Swyx and Teams



As part of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams is being used more and more in companies for messaging and other team functions. However, convenient and intelligent telephony functions are missing.


Our Solution: Swyx integration in Microsoft Teams


Take advantage of our rich telephony feature set, powerful call routing options, flexible terminal support and extensive connectivity options to the public telephone network. All guaranteed to give you optimal reachability and enable excellent customer service.


Fax, door openers, intercom systems or mobile DECT devices can be integrated without any challenges and will also allow you to keep your current infrastructure intact.


You will benefit from:


Easy calling with Microsoft Teams: Swyx telephony functions are simple to use within Microsoft Teams

Improve customer service thanks to enhanced reachability: Enabled by intelligent call routing

Use on any devices: Handsets, desk phones, DECT solutions


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