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How Security Savvy is Your Business?

ThinkBe4Remember the old saying ‘don’t assume’ (it makes an ass out of u and me)?  Are you making assumptions about cyber security in your business?

It is easy to let your IT team take the rap if you haven’t got the latest virus checkers and firewalls, but did you know in 2016, 91% of business security breaches were from someone in the business clicking on the unexpected phishing email.  (Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility and Resiliency Report).

Anyone in the business, from chief executive to new apprentice is vulnerable to a phishing email.   A policy of hoping everyone will be ‘sensible and trash all unexpected mail’ is exactly what the scammers plan.

How to raise your game, get on the offensive and reduce the threat of data breaches?

HBT your partner in data security offers the solution.  You want to address the weak link in your security systems; your users.

KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular Security Awareness Training that includes Simulated Phishing, and HBT are your local Certified Partners.  We can offer supported on-line training to all your users.  Training that raises their security awareness and reduces your business risk of a data breach.  KnowBe4 training is shown to be some of the most effective in promoting data security behaviour change from participants.

KnowBe4 is more than just a set of training courses, depending on your level of subscription you get access to monthly reports and ‘tips and hints’ to keep you up to date as the scammers and hackers change their tactics.

To give you a taster, we have created a unique Security Hub; a collection of resources for you to access and use within your business with our compliments. Sign up today!

Phishing and scamming is constantly evolving, and keeping up to date with your data security is critical for the stability, reputation and future of your business.

Contact us for a free initial demonstration of KnowBe4 or to discover more about our Security Hub.   Data security is one of the biggest business threats in 2018.  We are confident that your data security assumptions will be challenged!

KnowBe4 something happens!


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