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2nd March 2020

Advantages of CRM Phone System Integration for Business

Integrating your multiple communication channels can provide a far more efficient and seamless experience for your customers, staff and suppliers.   The advancements in technology mean […]
26th February 2020

IntelligentAV from WatchGuard

IntelligentAV uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and block known and unknown malware. When IntelligentAV is enabled, Gateway AntiVirus uses two scan engines that […]
14th February 2020

Unified Communications with Swyx

What are the real benefits of a Unified Communications solution: Integrate voice, email, video, voicemail and fax Innovative software can be installed across any device Mobility […]
14th February 2020

5 Reasons To Use Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams are offering a 6 Months FREE TRIAL – Contact us today for more information   Office 365 has developed considerably over the years and […]
13th February 2020

Importance of Endpoint Security with an Increasing Mobile Workforce

92% of organisations allow remote workers The average employee works 2+ days from home per week 80% expect the remote workforce to grow over the next […]
12th February 2020

Swyx Webinar

Materials from Swyx Webinar Feb 2020 Our Swyx Webinar took place on Thursday 6th Feb. We covered the following: 1. Introduction on HBT and Swyx 2. […]
30th January 2020

Keine Panik with ISDN Shutdown

The recent ISDN shutdown in Germany sparked panic among firms that did not prepare early enough for the switch off.   A number of German businesses […]
29th January 2020

Cloud Technology Transforming Schools

Whitepaper: Cloud Technology Transforming Schools  In this White Paper we explore: Challenges faced in Education around budgets How schools stay abreast of the changes within IT Benefits […]
22nd January 2020

Beware of the Ransombear

Does your business have the correct safeguards in place? With the growing Ransomware threat, it is fundamental your organisation understands how this can impact your organisation. […]
17th January 2020

Poor internet connectivity responsible for hampering SME productivity

A recent study conducted states small businesses could be losing out on two and a half working weeks a year from employees due to unreliable internet […]
17th January 2020

Reduce your risk with powerful, user-friendly multi-factor authentication

Passwords are insufficient Every day, cyber criminals use stolen credentials to access and infect systems or steal data. What’s most needed to reverse this trend is […]
16th January 2020

Understanding the Negative Impact of Traditional Phone Systems

Your traditional telecoms system could be killing your business – find out how a next-generation phone system can give you a competitive advantage. Gaining access to […]
6th January 2020

How To Avoid Falling Prey To Ransomware

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of computer malware that disables your access to your computer or the information within it through encryption, while demanding […]
19th December 2019

We’re now WatchGuard Gold Partners

We are pleased to announce that HBT Communications are now one of the few IT Support companies in the Midlands that are certified WatchGuard Gold partners. In order to qualify […]
27th November 2019
Windows 10

5 Reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

With Windows 7 support due to cease in 2020 your business could be open to security risks. Your business may not want to update to Windows 10 […]