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Making Tax Digital – Is your Business ready
Making Tax Digital – Is your Business ready?
11th March 2019
School Staffing Challenges – could flexible working be the answer
School Staffing Challenges – could flexible working be the answer?
13th March 2019

MMR Catch-up Scheme – Are you ready?

MMR Catch-up Scheme – Are you ready

MMR Catch-up Scheme – Are you ready

vaccinationsAs the Government launches its new MMR catch-up campaign, we take a look at the practical implications for GPs and Health Centres.

The number of outbreaks of measles has increased over the last couple of years, following years of decline. The aim of this campaign is to boost MMR vaccinations in the hope that this potential life-threatening disease can be stopped in its tracks and eventually one day be eradicated.

Healthcare professionals will be keen to get on-board with this initiative to do what they can to help stem any potential epidemic. Children aged between 10 and 11 are the particular targets and the Government has pledged an extra £5 per child vaccinated in this age group; helping GP practices and health centres fund any extra workload or dedicated clinic sessions.

Raising Awareness

It can be a challenge to raise awareness of campaigns. The main driver to get involved is of course the health benefits and helping avoid a resurgence of this potential life-threatening illness, but as a business you can’t ignore the financial incentive. You will be in competition with other providers, such as local pharmacies, as you will have experienced around flu-jab season. It is important to get the word out to your patients.

Were you aware that the latest phone technology enables you to easily create informative messages for patients to listen to whilst they are waiting to speak to someone?

You can also use your phone system to send people direct to the person responsible for managing the MMR catch-up appointments, saving time on calls and potentially freeing up some resource.

Recalls and Follow-ups

As part of the Government’s contract for this campaign they also stipulate that practices must ‘continue to follow-up, recall and update computerised records for patients who do not respond or fail to attend scheduled clinics or appointments’.

Did you know the latest phone technology will also integrate into your patient systems, making it easier for colleagues to recall or follow up appointments at the click of a button?

Is it time to upgrade?

Upgrading to a new phone system can seem daunting, but with the right provider it can be hassle free and cost-neutral.

HBT Communications has been working with clients from within the Healthcare sector for many years. We carry out free surveys to review your current set up and discuss where things can be improved to make your lives easier. Contact us on 02476 867 422

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