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6th February 2019
Be Web Safe Not Sorry – Use Protection!
Be Web Safe Not Sorry – Use Protection!
8th February 2019

IOS 10… more than a happy face

As well as launching the new IPhone 7 Apple has also upgraded their operating software iOS to version 10.  There are many articles telling us how much better the new version of iOS is and why we must upgrade immediately, but is it necessary and what will you find useful?

In our view there are a number of advantages that make it worthwhile upgrading and one change that you need to be aware of

  • iOS 10 makes big changes to Siri, the voice activation software, allowing it to interface with non- Apple apps such as Whats-App, Skype and maps, meaning you can do a lot more without typing.
  • For the first time you can delete Apple apps, freeing up space and improving performance
  • Messaging becomes more pictorial and colourful with integrated emojis, handwriting, and drawing on videos and messages
  • Maps are smarter, integrating with other apps like Uber and Open Table, as well as proactive suggestions to help you get to your destination faster
  • The new Home app allows you to control your home – heating lighting etc (once you’ve set it all up!)

What isn’t mentioned in all the hype is that iOS 10 will not load onto an iPhone4, which in effect makes it obsolete.


The one change to be aware of is the ‘Wi-Fi assist’ which is installed at the very end of the mobile data screen.  Leave it switched on and your Wi-Fi signal will remain great but will use your precious mobile data allowance whenever the signal is weak, without asking.  If your business mobile contract assumes users will mainly use installed Wi-Fi this option could leave you with a large unexpected data bill at the end of the month.

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