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14th September 2020
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23rd September 2020

Internet Explorer 11 – End of Life


Microsoft has announced its ending support for Internet Explorer 11 across its 365 apps and services in 2021.

On 17 August 2021, the browser will no longer be supported by Microsoft 365 services including OneDrive, Outlook and more.

There is less time for Internet Explorer 11 on the Microsoft Teams web app, which will lose support on 30 November this year.

This means that anyone using IE 11 to connect to Microsoft 365 apps will see a serious drop in performance if still using the browser in the latter months of 2021, and some features may stop working entirely.

While Microsoft is hoping users will start using its Edge browser, a few users have been searching for ways to uninstall it. However, that is not possible. Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser.

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