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Agile working – What is it What are the benefits
Agile working – What is it? What are the benefits?
1st August 2018
The Demise of ISDN and the Impact on Professional Services
The Demise of ISDN and the Impact on Professional Services
27th September 2018

How do you secure your home?



dog sleeping on rugWith modern technology the majority of people have more than one type of security in their home – many people will have some form of intruder alarm as a given, some folk go the extra mile and have this connected to the police so if there is an incident the police will arrive when and if it sounds.

The Guardian reported that Dogs and CCTV were the top deterrents for burglars.

CCTV has really grown in the last 10 years especially with the introduction of IP technology – the ability to view what is happening at home when you are anywhere in the world is powerful…

Dogs the more traditional type of security is still popular with homeowners, many intruders state that the sound of a dog barking is the second most popular deterrent.

Why then do we not take this approach to our business?

Many business owners are still not taking cyber security as seriously as they should! As an IT and Security business we see daily how the threats are becoming more and more sophisticated.

We take our customers security seriously; our focus is on detection rather than prevention due to the constantly growing sophistication of security threats.

At HBT Communication we have a 3-step approach to security:
1. Understanding your business is key to providing the right security infrastructure. We need to understand the following:
    a. Where your staff work, is it in the office or at home, or café’s, hotels, etc
    b. What type of work do you do, is it sensitive and confidential information? How is this shared etc? Where is it stored?
    c. How do your staff use their devices, for example if you are using mobiles to receive and send emails, are your devices protected?

2. We focus on providing a multi-layered security. Once we understand your business we can look at where measures need to be put in place to protect your business from threats. Our systems also constantly monitor new and emerging threats. Our primary goal is to ensure every layer of your infrastructure is protected. This includes your network, business applications, the devices you use i.e. tablet, mobile and most importantly the people.

3. Educating your staff – it is estimated that over 70% of security breaches are due to staff – therefore informing and educating you staff is a crucial step. With an increase in phishing emails it is fundamental this training is ongoing and monitored.

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