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2nd August 2016
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Heading to the Rio Olympic & Paralympic Games? Make sure your data is capped

Rio 2016 Olympics

The Rio 2016 Olympics have begun and with Adam Peaty Winning Team GB’s first gold medal, Olympic fever is sweeping across the nation. Hundreds if not thousands of Brits are expected to head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this summer to enjoy the atmosphere of the Olympic games.

Rio 2016 Olympics

So, if you’re heading there this summer, make sure your data usage cap is activated!

Many travellers risk racking up bills worth thousands of pounds BT have warned and it is shocking how quickly the cost can add up.

The majority of people’s data will not include use abroad in South America. For example, if you were to use 8 MB of mobile data, this includes uploading just 23 images on social media sites or streaming just 2 minutes of your favourite athlete on YouTube, will set you back a whopping £40 outside your bundle.

We urge any people heading over to Brazil to ensure their data cap is set and they are aware of what they are spending. This means you will avoid a nasty bill when you come home.

You can find out more about BT’s data usage cap by Clicking Here.

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 Good luck Team GB!

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