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HBT – Social Media in the Office; Productivity Gain or Drain?

Social media at work

Social media at workWe all do it, check our social media feeds at work.  The question is; does it help or hinder our productivity?

There have been some studies into this issue and the results are mixed, some saying that social media destroys productivity and others that it enhances.

The crux of the matter is how much social media during working time.

The studies showing social media contributing to productivity improvements talk of quick, occasional views of social media, the equivalent of taking a few minutes to get a coffee or chat to a colleague.  In these instances, social media becomes a switch off, chance to regroup and refocus before heading into the next task.  The employee who uses social media in this way at work is probably focused, highly motivated and keen, working on a task or project that engages them.

In contrast, the other studies talk of employees spending long periods, multiple hours in a working day on social media.  In these instances, productivity is compromised, as the employee isn’t actually working for your business for a large part of their day.  The studies highlight lack of employee engagement, low enthusiasm and poor motivation as a driver for excessive use of social media.  Put yourself in their shoes; if your job isn’t stimulating you at work, checking social media is a wonderful distraction (and will give the impression that you are working).

The question for managers is how to assess whether social media is helping or hindering employee productivity?

Please note! We do not recommend you stand over your employees checking them every minute of the day!

We do recommend installing a robust network solution;  one that provides the best firewalls available to combat malware, viruses and all the other nasties that want to attack your network. The product range on offer from HBT enables managers to restrict the websites employees can access on business machines.

If you are concerned about your employee’s access to social media in working time, contact HBT. Our network reporting systems can help you identify who are using social media as a distraction, offering insights for employee and team development.

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