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HBT Gains Cyber Essentials Certificate
22nd January 2018
GDPR the end of BYOD?
GDPR the end of BYOD?
2nd March 2018

Happy 30th Birthday to us and a look back on how things have changed.

Zamurad and Ajmal Hussain on phone

Zamurad and Ajmal Hussain on phoneA birthday is always an appropriate time to reflect and look back at how things have changed over the years. HBT Communications based in Coventry celebrates its 30th birthday this year and working within the IT and Telecoms sector the business has certainly seen some changes.

When the business was started in 1988 by brothers Zamurad and Ajmal Hussain, calls were only made on telephones with wires, computers filled a whole floor of the office and the World Wide Web hadn’t yet been invented (Sir Tim Berners-Lee did that the next year!).

In the early 90’s dial up internet started to become more accessible, but who remembers the frustration of trying to make a phone call whilst someone was on-line? It wasn’t until the birth of broadband in the late 90’s that we really began to feel the true impact of the internet.

By 1997 the volume of emails overtook snail mail and since then technology has progressed at a phenomenal rate and the way we do business has been transformed.

Zamurad Hussain, MD at HBT Communications “When we started the business in 1988, we could not have dreamt how technology would have had such an impact. It has been exciting to work within a sector where we are constantly searching for the next best thing. We want our customers to work with the best possible systems. Systems that won’t be outdated within the next couple of years. “

Zamurad continues, “The evolution of connectivity is probably the most exciting part of it all. With ultra-fast connection being available in most areas, business can really benefit from the best. Cloud solutions take away the risk of data storage on-site, software being out of date, business capital being eaten up by hefty software purchases just to allow people to carry out their everyday tasks. From administration, to accounting, the cloud is making life easier for business owners”

HBT Communications is celebrating its 30th birthday by offering businesses a free communications health check which includes your telephone and IT systems. To find out more please contact them on 02476 867 422 or

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