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27th June 2016
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27th July 2016

Goodbye! Farewell! Adieu! ISDN

Almost a year ago BT announced they wanted to ‘scrap traditional phone services in 10 years’.  This announcement did not make the headlines of ‘News at 10’, so you have may have missed it. But it is happening and it will affect your business if you are on ISDN.

How do you know if you are on ISDN?  It depends but here are some pointers

  • Your phone system is over 5 years oldFarewell ISDN
  • You get billed for calls and usage
  • Your broadband and mobiles are billed separately
  • There is a box somewhere with wires going in and out that are to do with the phones
  • If you change desk you change extension number

You may say, there are 9 years to go I don’t need to worry; but the scrapping announcement means BT is not investing in the systems, so its old technology that isn’t being kept up to date.    Unlike, fashion or cars, having a ‘vintage’ tag does not make you special or create a unique selling point.  Staying loyal to your out of date communications systems means that every month that passes you fall further and further behind your competitors and customers.

The good news is that HBT is your ideal partner to help you select and install the most appropriate current technologies.  As well as doing everything your existing systems does now the ‘hosted solution’ offering includes

  • Fixed monthly costs and no capital outlay, no more worries about how many calls are made or data used
  • Integration of mobile phones with your phone systems to enable remote working
  • Scalability as you grow so does your systems
  • Regular upgrades to keep you safe from the latest threats, bugs and viruses
  • Increased functionality and reporting so you can measure performance and productivity

Without getting too ‘techy’ hosted systems run on an internet protocol (IP), which means you don’t have call charges, just a fixed monthly cost relating to the number of users or extensions you have.  So whether you are calling locally, nationally, internationally or to mobiles your phone bill remains the same, enabling you to budget far more effectively (if only there was this option for all your utilities!)

If you are ready to bring your communications system into the twenty-first century, contact us at HBT.  We offer a no obligation review; where we will assess your current and potential needs against your existing systems and recommend options for your consideration. 

HBT Communications is helping businesses across Birmingham and Coventry upgrade their business phone systems and save.

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