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HBT Supports Move to Multi-site Academy
HBT Supports Move to Multi-site Academy
6th November 2018
City of Culture – City of Success
10th December 2018

Gone Phishing?

Phishing, Malware; words guaranteed to bring IT and anyone with systems knowledge out in a ‘cold sweat’.

For the rest of us Phishing and Malware are something that happens to other people.   We are too savvy to get conned; right?


The cyber criminals are working hard to trick us, and it can be difficult to spot emails and websites that lure you in. Before you know it, you’ve clicked, and you’re caught.

As an employer, with staff receiving hundreds of emails every day, how can you stay in control?

Help is at hand

HBT your partners in Network Security understand the constraints of your business; that in the real-world employees do mix work and pleasure on their phones and tablets, and unwittingly compromise your business data security.  HBT Unified Threat Management Application is the solution.  It is an award-winning combination of Spam filters, anti-virus, filtering, application management and much, much more; providing you with the tools to fight the scammers and the peace of mind that your systems are protected.

HBT’s security partners are world leaders and alongside robust security technology, they have developed KnowBe4, an innovative training programme to help you educate your team and keep your networks safe.

The replacement of the Data Protection act with GDPR (general data protection regulation) on 25 May 2018, gives added impetus to businesses to review and update their management of personal and sensitive data.  GDPR encourages business to focus on the security of their data within their business, with their supply chain and with their employees.

Data responsibility and management are on the leadership agenda.  As part of GDPR you will need to define where in your processes your employees are ‘data controllers’, where they are ‘data processors’ or in some cases a combination.  Whether data controller or data processor, make sure you have the best protection possible with Unified Threat Management Application and KnowBe4 training from HBT.

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