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GDPR a project for today or a process to take your business into the future?

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GDPR a project for today or a process to take your business into the future?

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GDPR, is coming on 25 May 2018.  It may affect how you do business in the UK, Europe and globally.

HBT, your partners in data security, are publishing a series of articles on our website assist you through the transition to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In this article, we look at whether businesses should consider becoming GDPR compliant a project or a process.

Many businesses consider GDPR to be as big a business change as a new business system implementation.  By treating the implementation of GDPR as a project, you get the benefits of:

  • Grouping tasks and activities into milestones and goals,
  • Forming a team with a project manager and specific roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Reporting regularly to the board, on both progress and risks.

However, we feel there are more benefits by treating GDPR as a business wide process:

  • ThinkBe4A critical element of GDPR is data security. Any security breaches within your IT network may result in hefty penalties. 75% of security breaches are down to human error; clicking on phishing emails, opening malware attachments or using unsecure passwords. Now is an ideal time to establish a good security culture within your business; working with your team to implement processes to educate them and instil best practice in the use of the internet and emails.
  • The whole business gets involved and is aware of the impact of GDPR on their processes and working habits
  • Implementing GDPR as a process rather than a project will help futureproof your business. The processes you put in place to handle your data and manage IT security will see your business through compliance in May 2018 and in to the future.


HBT are specialists in data security and have created a Security Hub full of free resources to help you, your team and your business become Security Savvy. Sign up today!

We partner organisations who are experts in developing a good security culture within your business, helping your business become GDPR compliant today and well into the future.
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