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Schools Targeted by Sophisticated Phishing Email Attack
Schools Targeted by Sophisticated Phishing Email Attack
28th January 2019
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Your name’s not on the list…
1st February 2019

Engaging with your Patients

Engaging with your Patients 

Engaging with your Patients 

Engaging with your Patients 

March 2019 sees the deadline for the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) across England to prepare and submit their evidence for the Patient and Community Engagement Indicator 2018/19. 

Gathering evidence from your Patient Participation Group (PPG) to feedback is essential for practices. However, more importantly your surgery’s engagement with patients to ensure you are serving patient concerns and needs in your area – is your surgery successful in engaging your patient population or have you found it challenging to recruit group members? 

We understand that recruiting volunteers for your PPG can be difficult, especially if your aim is to be as diverse as possible and recruit a cross-section of patient needs. 

Traditional means like posters and emails can often get missed and to task busy office staff with proactively recruiting patients is in most instances a non- starter – but have you considered your phone system as a tool to promote practice initiatives? 

Recording informative messages to be played whilst patients are waiting for calls to be answered is an effective way to share information, whether it is a patient recruitment drive, initiatives based on feedback from the PPG or the latest health guidelines. 

modern phone system can do more than just handle calls 

The latest phone technology transforms your phone system into a useful toolset to help you manage your practice more efficiently.  

Alongside easy pre-recording of messages, your practice will benefit from the ability to: 

  • Implement flexible call navigation to ensure patients are transferred to the right person 
  • Integrate phone calls with EMIS and other medical applications 
  • Record calls to safeguard your staff and patients 
  • Save money and better plan your monthly budget, with zero call charges 


Upgrade and save 

We look after many GP practices and health centres and have supported them through phone upgrades. Upgrading can be done out of hours to minimise disruption and many of our customers have found that upgrading is cost neutral when offset against on-going savings. 

We provide a complimentary, no-obligation site audit to outline the cost savings and talk you through the upgrade process, contact us today on 02476 867 422 or if it’s more convenient, request a callback.

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