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End of Support for Windows 7 is Coming!

End of Support for Windows 7 is Coming!

End of Support for Windows 7 is Coming!

The very popular operating system is a very short time away from being supported, it was announced back in 2009 that in the coming year 2020 Microsoft will no longer be providing free support and security updates.

What does that mean for your business?

This will, of course, have implications for businesses who depend upon these systems for handling data and ensuring devices are secure. Choosing to remain on Windows 7 without any security patches would be a bad decision and its not something we would recommend – It could leave your business open to threats from viruses and malware.

There will no doubt be some compatibility issues with your business software and any older hardware you have which are business critical. In order to be fully supported on those Windows 7-based devices, there are a few options and your Managed Service Provider (MSP) will be able to advise based on your business needs and structure.

Popularity of Windows 7

Windows 7 has been a huge success for Microsoft. Windows does tend to come in good-bad cycles, and after the highly criticised Vista, its successor arrived to a warm welcome. Subsequently came Windows 8, which few people rated, and though Windows 10 was a great improvement, Microsoft‘s new update driven model with integrated ads had turned many users off from Microsoft‘s latest operating system.

Without a doubt Window’s 7 had been popular and only very recently did Windows 10 surpass its user numbers. And, while Windows 7 is a decade old – it’s still incredibly popular, with recent reports from Netmarketshare suggesting that Windows 7 is still being used on 39% of all PCs.

Microsoft will be pushing users to switch as that date approaches. However, it’s only free support that’s ending on this date. After Jan 2020, Microsoft will provide security updates at a cost for three more years, with prices increasing each year.

Transition to Windows 10

The transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 has never been simpler and will drive your business into the future enabling your organisation to use the latest technology to drive efficiencies and improved working practices.

Key reasons for your business to upgrade to Windows 10:

  • Ransomware Prevention Tools
  • Stronger Malware Security Tools
  • Safer Web Browsing for your employees
  • More Efficient updates for Windows 10

For more information or a chat about transition please call us or email us.

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