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Education - Can you implement flexible working and save money
Education – Can you implement flexible working and save money?
21st March 2019
The 7 (+1) Deadly Business Sins of NOT Upgrading your Phone System
The 7 (+1) Deadly Business Sins of NOT Upgrading your Phone System
7th June 2019

Drive QOF Funding with Contact Assist

Drive QOF Funding with PatientConnect

Drive QOF Funding with PatientConnect

Drive QOF Funding with PatientConnectGreat healthcare providers prioritise courteous, informed patient care, but this has to be balanced with face time and financial pressures to keep the business running smoothly.

ContactAssist is a contact management solution designed to help managers, receptionists and clinical staff achieve critical goals. Linking your telephone and patient management system speeds up patient verification, improves patient service and assists with metrics.

ContactAssist is the only system of its kind to offer integration with EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and Vision Health.

Caring for patients, equipping staff, driving funding: ContactAssist supports you where it matters.

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1 Quickly identify the patient

When an incoming call arrives, a window opens to display the caller’s name and telephone number. Where more than one patient is registered against a number, multiple names are displayed to facilitate the selection. In addition, ContactAssist supports a business directory to allow other callers, for example, suppliers, to be identified.

2 Instantly see patient demographics

The ContactAssist dashboard launches on answering a call. Demographic information (age, date of birth, sex) is displayed to assist with caller verification. On confirmation, one-click launches the patient’s clinical record

3 Keep records up to date

When receiving a call from an unknown telephone number, ContactAssist automatically captures the number to simplify record updates. A free text field is also available to store notes, such as special call handling instructions.

4 Comply with QOF / LES requirements*

ContactAssist enables alert lists to be defined and uploaded. When the patient calls, an alert is generated. Receptionists are able to discuss needs and book appointments.

5 Get in touch fast

On-screen click-to-dial simplifies patient contact, supporting triage and phone consultations. Surgery staff can send individual SMS messages and manage patient responses.

6 Mobile number verification

ContactAssist verifies mobile numbers to check they are still registered to a network, as well as identifying and presenting new numbers that can then be ascribed to the patient record.

7 Call recording**

Store, search, play and share secure call recording to encourage respectful conversations, resolve disputes and provide an audit trail of patient care.

8 Wallboard**

Call analytics and wallboards provide staff with the real-time information needed to answer calls more effectively. Analysis of call handling performance improves staff scheduling and ensures patient service levels are maintained.

* QOF Quality and Outcomes Framework / LES Local Enhanced Services

** Optional applications available from Oak Innovation Limited

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