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Did you know that Telephone Hacking is costing UK businesses millions of pounds each year?

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Did you know that Telephone Hacking is costing UK businesses millions of pounds each year?

Silent thief

Silent thiefThis type of hacking is failing to hit the headlines and many businesses are unaware of the dangers and the fact they are victims; the thieves are clever and will do what they can to keep from being detected.
How do the Telephone Hackers steal money from your business?
Telephone hackers will identify weaknesses within your phone system, breaking in through vulnerable voicemail boxes. Once they have gained access to your system, they re-route calls to pass them through a premium rate number.
As a caller, you are completely unaware that anything has changed; the dial tone stays the same and the call quality is unaffected. Call amounts are kept small so the crime can remain undetected for months. However, these small amounts add up to a significant sum and unless you check each item on your phone bill regularly you may never spot that your hard-earned profits are being stolen from your business.
HBT is working closely with businesses just like yours to protect them from this growing crime. Our team of security experts will advise you and your team on best practice and has access to the latest technologies to keep your phone systems secure and safe from vulnerable and costly attacks.

We can provide you with a free Telephone Security Health Check, simply email or call us today on 02476 867 422.

Stay safe. Stay protected.
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