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Covid Parents’ Evening – Is Your School Prepared?

Covid Parents' Evening

The pandemic has already impacted many things and now with parents’ evenings looming, schools are navigating how best to approach them to ensure staff, students and parents get the most out of them.


HBT has developed a solution to enable schools to operate parents’ evenings in a secure and user-friendly environment.


Our solution provides:


  • an application to schools that enables secure communication with a parent or carer via Video or Voice.


  • it gives staff the ability to share files and documents in a secure environment.


  • it can be deployed quickly with no specialist hardware or software required. It is available via your browser requiring no installation.


  • Invites are personalised, therefore cannot be opened by anyone other than the recipient


  • In terms of security, it has a total peer to peer encryption.


Established in 1988, we have been working with the education sector for over 30 years. Our breadth of experience means that we understand the technology landscape.


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