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Can your business afford to ignore this?

Cybersecurity postcodeAre you starting to feel overwhelmed by your IT and data management? Cyber security threats, new regulations and legislation, the risk of hefty fines or data losses. The simplest thing to do is ignore it all or think it’s not relevant to you, but can you afford to take the risk? Businesses need to start taking action,  but where and how do you start to get on top of things and decide what exactly your business needs to do and by when.

Over the next few months, we will be publishing articles to help you sift through this IT and data security minefield and provide you with tools to help you plan what needs to be done.

But first, let’s take a step back for a minute. Although these legislative changes and the impact of cybercrime appear to be totally different, there is one thing that unites them; Security. Crack the security of your IT and data systems and you are halfway there. Protecting your systems and your data from vulnerabilities, both from inside and outside of your business, can be achieved with one robust security solution, which in most cases can be bolted onto your existing IT infrastructure with a minimal amount of disruption.

As an independent business, HBT is not tied to one supplier, enabling us to source the best products on the market for our customers. We are very proud to partner, amongst others, one of the UK’s leading security organisations, Watchguard, whose security products swept the board at the Network Product Guide 2017 IT World Awards.

Following a full assessment of your security requirements, we work together with Watchguard to ensure your business is ready for compliance.

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