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29th October 2014
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Can upgrading to Ultra-fast internet really make a difference to your business?

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Ultra-fast inget super connectedternet connections are being introduced into cities across the UK. Ultra-fast, also known by its more technical name of Gigabit, is becoming the buzz word within the cities business community, but what is the real difference it can make?

From the research we have read, there are reports of an increase in GDP in cities where gigabit connections are available.

So, what does that mean to your business and how will you see this increase?

It’s all about working smarter and more efficiently:

  • Gigabit connections can offer increased connections speed of up to 10 times faster. This speeds up downloads and data transfers made across the internet.
  • Gigabit connectivity improves performance across networks, ideal if your business has offices in different locations.
  • Advances in technology moves so quickly and it can be costly to keep up to date. A gigabit connection helps you to future proof your business and minimise future upgrade costs.
  • A faster internet connection also means you gain easier access to the cloud. A cloud solution will provide: up to date software, such as Microsoft 365; improved connectivity between employees, through IT and telecommunications; and extra security through regular back-ups.

If you are unsure whether an internet upgrade is right for your business,
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