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Do you BYOD?

Do you BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an increasing trend for employees in all sizes and types of business. BYOD is where the Bring your own deviceemployees use their own laptop/ tablet/ phone for business.

What do you do and have you thought through the consequences?

There are advantages and disadvantages for the employer; here we outline the main points for you.

If you allow employees to BYOD

Obviously you have reduced capital spend if you are not providing devices for your employees to use. Research says that individuals BYOD work 2 extra hours a day & sends 20 more emails. In the USA 95% of companies allow some form of BYOD

But have you considered the risks?

  • How do you ensure your employees have up to date virus protection and suitable safeguards when using the Internet in public places? 74% of US businesses give no security education for BYOD
  • How do you enforce IT policies such as employees accessing unsuitable content?
  • Critically how do secure confidential data on a third party device and how do you stop an employee walking off with your data when they leave the company? 42% of US businesses have ‘experienced a serious data breach’


If you provide IT devices for your employees

You can specify the protection and firewalls to secure the data, employees surrender the devices when they leave the business, and you specify the operating systems and software to be used. Company data remains on your equipment and you can enforce IT policies on accessing unsuitable content.

  • How to keep up to date? Companies tend not to refresh IT as frequently as individuals, and for many having the latest gadget is part of their status
  • How much personal use do you allow? And do you charge for it? In particular with personal calls on phones
  • Can employees store personal data/ photos etc. on company property and if so how do they retrieve it when they leave or have their devices upgraded?


Your business and market will probably dictate your decision. HBT can provide impartial advice to help you manage the risks.

Contact us today to find out more about our cost effective IT solutions,
and make the most of our knowledge and expertise to help you make an informed BYOD choice.

HBT supports businesses across the UK and Midlands with IT services.

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