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26th January 2017
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Businesses are saving 50% on their telephony costs with IP vs traditional ISDN

HBT Communications Phone System

Is it time for you to make the swap?

HBT has been selling IP telephony solutions to satisfied customers for over 10 years. Over that period save money with IP phonesthe communications industry has collected data on savings achieved by businesses operating in all sectors of the economy. Now the scores are in, the savings evaluated, and it makes impressive reading. By moving from traditional (ISDN) lines to a hosted (IP) solution

  • 96% of business confirmed savings
  • Average amount of money saved on telephony costs per business 35%
  • 1 in 4 business cut their telephony costs in half (50% saving)

Telecoms is often seen as an unavoidable cost of running a business, with no options to improve or save money. But now with hosted solutions, you do have a choice and you can reduce the telephone overheads and monthly costs that are impacting your profitability. By moving to a hosted solution as well as saving money you improve reliability. On average, 4 in 10 businesses with traditional phone systems have a loss of service of up to 8 hours during a 12-month period. Any loss of service is critical and not what a dynamic, customer focussed business needs.
Hosted telephone solutions have been implemented in every sector of the UK economy, so it is likely that some of your competitors are already enjoying the advantages of

  • Cost savings
  • Improved reliability
  • Flexibility
  • And the knowledge that they have an up-to-date telephone solution that can grow and adapt with their business.

If the statistics above hHBT Communications Phone Systemave not convinced you, we hope this date will; 2025. In 8 years’ time BT will switch off your current (ISDN) system, leaving you with no communications at all. Already, BT has removed all funding to ISDN, so there is no development and minimal maintenance. Find out more.

So why delay? Contact HBT today to take the HBT challenge.

The HBT challenge estimates the savings you can achieve by switching to a hosted telephone solution.

Why wait to save money in your business?

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