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16th January 2018
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22nd January 2018

Is your Business on the Move in 2020? 

Whether you are expanding into new premises, setting up in new locations or making any major changes to your business, business telecoms continuity during a time of disruption is critical.

We all know the frustration of not being able to contact key colleagues and business associates when we need to.  Imagine your customers and partners calling you and getting number unavailable, perhaps switchboards or call centres not operating; any of these are the ingredients for a business nightmare!

HBT your telecoms partner has the solutions to guarantee your business telecoms keep operating whatever the circumstances.  Our VOIP and cloud based solutions use the internet to route your calls to mobile, landline or voicemail as you require, removing the fear of missing critical calls from your customers and suppliers at any time.

VOIP solutions put you in control, able to re-route calls at the touch of a button enabling remote working, seamless transfer of calls between team members and effective call handling.

VOIP has the additional benefits of being scalable, and future-proofed.  As the internet develops and your business expands your telecoms keeps pace.

And did we mention the final incentive?

By upgrading to VOIP, our customers have reduced their overall costs.

For more information please see Cloud Telephony.

If you are planning to relocate, you need to know your telecoms are in safe hands. HBT consultants and project managers work closely with you to ensure your telecoms solutions stay in the ‘managed and mitigated’ sections of your relocation project risk register.

Contact us for your free initial review and assessment, we are confident we can save you money and give the continuity of service you need, whether experiencing the disruption of moving or staying put in 2020 and beyond.




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