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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Dangers


You may have heard in the press over the last few weeks about batteries exploding from mobile devices. Most notably the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 which has been catching fire during or straight after the device has just been charged.


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Although mobile devices and their batteries get rigorously tested, the Samsing Galaxy Note7 has had incidents where the handset ‘caught fire’ just after dis-connecting from the official Samsung charger.

Naturally, this has put much worry amongst Samsung users as millions have pre-ordered or already have the device.

HBT’s advice…

If you have purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Note7 we advise you to contact Samsung to see what they say regarding returning the product to have it replaced.

Samsung have stated – 

“For UK customers who have Galaxy Note7 devices, Samsung in collaboration with its partners and operators, will voluntarily replace their current device with a new one. 

UK customers who have Galaxy Note7 devices will be contacted by the provider or operator from which they purchased the product in order to arrange their device exchange. The exchange of units will begin from 19 September 2016″

 Samsung, 2016

In the meantime, we highly recommend that if you are going to continue to use your device that you only charge it when you are in the room and don’t let it charge un-supervised. However, as Samsung has issued a recall, we recommend you follow their protocol.

If you have any questions either call Samsung on 0330 7261000 or see below for Samsung Galaxy Note7 partners.


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